Preface to the Gospel According to Spiritism

Allan Kardec published in the Preface of "The Gospel According to Spiritism," the message below, forwarded by THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, via psychic. It shows the movement that the spirits of the Lord performed to establish the Doctrine on earth and call men to the practice of love, which allows them to conquer the kingdom of heaven. At the same time, the message revealed the true character of Spiritualism and the objective of the work:

"Spirits of the Lord which are the virtues of heaven, where huge army that moves to receive the command order, spread over the entire surface of the earth, and, similar to shooting stars, they come to light paths and open blind eyes. "

"I tell you in truth that is arrived the time in which all things shall be restored in its true sense, to dispel the darkness, confused the proud and glorify the righteous."

"The loud voices from heaven Tang with trumpet sounds, the songs of angels and if they associate ... We invite you, O men, for the divine covenant. Dedilhai lira, unify your voices and what they do, a sacred hymn, extend and passed from one extreme to another in the universe. "

"Men, brothers whom we love, here we are with you. You also should love one another, and say from the heart, doing the will of the Father who is in heaven: "Lord! Lord !"... and be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.


»'The Spirit of Truth'«





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